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Of course when we start to talk about the great state of Hawaii we are going to be talking about a really epic strand of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that were there and inhabited by many civilizations before Europeans and Americans started going there. There is no doubt about it that once Americans and other people from around the world found Hawaii that they fell in love with its majestic beaches and rain forests and volcanoes, and we all know that this type of island life is really awesome and that is part of the reason why we created Hawaii to be one of the states of America. We are of course really proud to have this strand of islands for several reasons, but the truth of the matter is that our American culture should never out shadow the culture of the Hawaiian people, and that is why Hawaiian culture is definitely something that is stressed a lot there because they know that it has in a sense been taken over by American culture but that it is not right to lose the roots of the people and the ways of the islands. There are of course many traditions and customs that go into Hawaiian culture, but the one aspect of the culture that we are mainly focusing on is the tradition of the Hawaiian lei necklace. We all know what I mean by the lei necklace that is mostly made of flowers and stones and other forms of jewelry which could literally be anything that means a lot to you, and that is part of the reason why lei necklaces are super intricate and beautiful because they can be personalized very easily and help you to distinguish yourself from others. That was the main purpose of Hawaiian people wearing lei necklaces when they first became a tradition and what we are going to be talking about in this particular article is how the lei necklace came to be a part of Hawaiian culture and why we still recognize this tradition today through the arrivals of our people to the Hawaiian islands. Of course it is alway really fun to wear a lei necklace because they are beautiful and goofy and fun to wear just in general, but this tradition has a long standing history within Hawaiian culture and that is exactly what we are going to be discussing in this article.

So the history of the Hawaiian lei necklace actually comes not from Hawaii but from a different Pacific Islands culture that came to Hawaii and bore many lei necklaces as gifts, and these travelers came from Tahiti many years ago when their means of transportation was on sailing canoe, and as you can imagine that definitely took a really long time in the ocean and they used the stars to navigate back then at night, which was really impressive. But yes the people of Tahiti brought the concept of the lei necklace to Hawaii and it has stayed with Hawaiian culture ever since.

Pacific Islands

There is no doubt about it that when it comes to the grand islands of Hawaii that a lot of us get really nostalgic and want to go there really badly because it is kind of in all Americans’ blood lines to want to go see Hawaii at some point in their lives, and I know that a lot of people have gone there and many of the people who are on this page definitely have been to Hawaii and know just how beautiful it is and why it is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in the entire world. We are talking about the Pacific islands and there are of course a bunch of people from these islands that have lived there for so long and we are just coming in really hot with our tourists and our lei necklaces and things like that and enjoying a little taste of tropical paradise on our honeymoons and vacations and things like that. There is no doubt about it that when we consider going to a foreign place we as Americans don’t necessarily think that we can stay within the country and still feel like in a whole different world, but of course Hawaii and Alaska are two U.S. states that are polar opposites but still really epic in a bunch of different ways and we know that for the most part we are here to talk about a bunch of really cool spots throughout Hawaii. Technically this page is about the Hawaii Lei Stand, and the truth is that there is a lot going on in terms of the leis and necklaces and entire lifestyle involved with living in Hawaii, but we are going to be focusing in closer on the Big Island and why we think it is such a wonderful place to go adventuring and hiking on, and the truth is that the Big Island might just be the most secluded of them all and we are just extremely happy as Americans to have jurisdiction towards going there without any type of customs control or anything like that. So let’s continue talking more about Hawaii by talking about some of the best hikes on the Big Island.

So of course it is going to depend on what you are going to want to do while you are in Hawaii and what type of experience you are trying to get on your hike because there really are a bunch of incredible places to go all throughout the entire Big Island and we are just pretty positive that you are totally going to like what you are going to see here because it is first and foremost one of the most beautiful places in the entire state and we know that if you are here to get out in nature then the Big Island is definitely the place to go. There are just so many incredible places to choose from and they all have really complicated Hawaiian names as well, but they are totally worth going to and we know that as we continue to talk more about Hawaii and all of the incredible places that we are all most likely going to be going to in terms of our lives and things like that then this is the spot.


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When we all start to think about a place like Hawaii we all think about crystal clear water and a tropical paradise that a lot of Americans go on vacation to and go for honey moons and things of that nature because of the majestic beauty of the area. There is no doubt about it that Hawaii is probably the most beautiful state in America and that is because it really is one of the most beautiful strands of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We all know that when it comes down to it Hawaii is one of those places that America conquered in a pretty strange way a long time ago, but of course now we all just think about Hawaii as a tourist destination for people from all over the world, but especially tourists from America. So if you are the type of person who is really interested in learning more about Hawaiian culture and what it is like in Hawaii just in general then you are definitely in the right place online because as we continue to create all of these blogs and articles on this page we are definitely going to be giving everyone a really great concept involved in something like this, and that of course is something that we should definitely consider because of all of the really cool things that we have going on. So let’s continue talking more about Hawaiian culture by talking about the tradition of the lei, and we know that when it comes down to it the lei is a staple of Hawaii, and of course are the flower necklaces that so many people see all of the time on their friends’ Facebook feeds when they go to these types of places and stuff like that and so we should definitely consider all of these types of places because we are for sure going to be going into great details about all of this type of stuff, so let’s keep talking more about the Hawaiian tradition of the lei.

A Hawaiian lei is definitely one of those things that seems pretty cliche because we have all seen this type of thing or necklace on social media and in pictures and movies that are all about Hawaii, and a lot of the time when you first land in Hawaii at the airport you are going to be given a lei by some really pretty girl or something like that, and the reasons behind this is like a welcoming gift to paradise, and it seems just natural that a lei is the type of necklace that you wear when you are in Hawaii because it is a really beautiful paradise of islands and there are just so many incredible looking flowers in the rain forest area of the Hawaiian islands. We should definitely consider the facts that Hawaii is just one of those tropical paradises in the world that are really there for everyone to go check out, and if you do go to Hawaii and like going there then you should definitely wear a lei because it is a Hawaiian tradition and is really cool in general.